Polled & Horned Hereford Show Schedule & Results

Colyer Herefords exhibits Horned and Polled Hereford bulls and females at select stock shows each year. Please stop by the stall if you are at any of the following events - we'd enjoy visiting with you!

A special thank you to our crew for all their dedication and hard work!

Colyer Show Crew - Click to enlarge Colyer Show Crew - Click to enlarge
Left to Right: Lindsay Bielema (National Hereford Queen), Blake Tucker (heifer is Abby), Taylor Schrick (heifer is Chanel), Montana Deppe (heifer is 7230), Kim Wilson (heifer is 8028), Chance Deppe (heifer is 8039), Jacqueline Rosson (heifer is 8181), Katie , Guy , and Kyle Colyer.
Back Row: John Ramsey, Don Yoesel, Leslie Thomas, Eric Thomas, Scott Burkes, Guy Colyer, Montana Deppe, Sean Canaan, Justin Jarvis, Will Bunt, Sarah Fuller.
Front Row: Katie Colyer, (heifer is Chanel), Jackie Castle, (bull is Gran Torino), Sherry Colyer, (bull is Reno) Kyle and Bobby Jean Colyer.


Following are links to Show Results for each year as PDF documents.