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Colyer Herefords - ID

Jennings Land & Cattle - IL

C Key West 0065 AHA Reg#: 44122894

C Key West 0065 - Click to enlarge
American Hereford Association Data & EPD's : CLICK HERE

  • High selling bull in the 2021 Annual Production sale to Jennings Land & Cattle - $80,000 3/4 interest.
  • One of the most unique young sires in the breed. We challenge you to find a hole in him phenotypically or in his performance and EPD profile. He ranks in the top 20% for 15 economically important EPD’s and indexes. 69 pounds and 120 WWR and 105 YWR and raised on his first calf heifer dam with no creep. Look at his pedigree! It is stacked with some of the greatest cows in the history of the breed. Key West topped our February sale at $80,000 for 3/4 interest to Jennings Land and Cattle, IL. He will play an important role in our program going forward. Semen sold only through our sales and special auctions. Exportable semen located in Canada.
  • A heifers first calf raised with no creep. 100% eye pigment.