2023 Colyer Herefords 22nd Annual Fall Female Sale
Saturday, Oct. 7, 2023 - 3pm MST - Bruneau, ID

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Offering Young Donors, Heifer Calves, Bred Heifers,
Spring Heifer Calf Pair splits, Pregnancy's
Embryos and Semen.

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Hereford EPD's

Angus EPD's

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Sale Results
Auctioneers Butch Booker, Dustin Layton, Kyle Colyer
Cattle sold into 27 states

Thank you all bidders and buyers for making this an outstanding sale!

38 Open Hereford Heifers Avg. $13,796
16 Bred Hereford Cows Avg. $11,953
3O Bred Hereford Heifers Avg. $9,333
82 Hereford Embryos Avg. $9O6
39 Lots of Hereford Semen Avg. $2,151
7 Bred Angus Cows Avg. $6,OOO
6 Open Angus Heifers Avg. $4,167

Top Hereford Lots:
C CJC Belle Air Lass 8O37 ET, 1/6/2O18 by BR Belle Air 6O11 to GKB Cattle, Desdemona, TX and Express Ranch, Yukon, OK $7O,OOO.
C 8O37 Miss Maker 3O48 ET, 1/4/2O23 by Green JCS Makers Mark 3O48 229G ET to GKB $62,5OO.
C 8O37 Mary Maker 32O2 ET, 2/1/2O23 by Green JCS Makers Mark 32O2 229G ET to GKB $6O,OOO.
C 1313 Lady Genesis 2321 ET, 9/18/2O22 by Loewen Genesis G16 ET 9/18/2O22 to Potter Herefords, Winton, CA $45,OOO.
C 8O86 Sancho Lass 2277 ET, 8/26/2O22 by ECR 628 Ivys Advance 8923 ET to Kate Laukula, Enemclaw, WA $3O,OOO
C CJC 4264 Lady Genesis 1295 ET, 8/28/2O21 by Loewen Genesis G16 to Duane Loy, Shipman, IL 1/2 interest $26,OOO.
C Bar1 8O89 Candy 3O2O ET, 1/2/2O23 by ECR 628 Advance 949O ET to Danekas-Lohse, Woodland,CA $25,OOO
C 942 Bonnie Belle 1O69, 1/7/2O21 by CL 1 Domino 942G to L Bar W, Absarkee, Ml 1/2 interest $24,OOO
C 7O57 Lady Black Hawk 1257 ET, 8/24/2O21 by C 4212 Black Hawk 7O57 ET to Loehr Herefords, Peoria, IL 1/2 interest $24,OOO.
C Lady Genesis 1292, 8/28/2O21 by Loewen Genesis G16 ET to Bowling Ranch, Blackwell, OK $2O,OOO.
C Guardian Lass 2255 ET, 8/19/2O23 by C GKB Guardian 1O15 ET to Tudahl Herefords, Big Horn, MT $19,OOO
C Lady Genesis 1268, 8/25/2O21 by Loewen Genesis G16 ET to Buck Cattle Co., Madill, OK $19,OOO.
C Genesis Belle 21O8, 1/11/2O22 by Loewen Genesis G16 ET to Jennings Land and Cattle, Palmyra, IL $19,OOO

Top Embryo Lot:
C Barracuda O114 ET mated to C 2O52 Lady Black Hawk 8336 ET Clear Creek Properties, Twin Fall $76OO for 4 embryos

Top Semen Lot:
C Arlo 2135 ET to Knox Brothers, San Angelo, TX $8,OOO for 1O units.

Top Angus Lot:
C True North Winnie 1O31 ET 1/2/2O21 by Square B True North 8O52 to Knox Brothers, San Angelo, TX 1/2 interest $17,000.