Semen only sold at auction

Colyer Herefords - ID

Buck Cattle - OK
Hoffman Ranch - NE

C Arlo 2135 ET AHA Reg#: P44359827

njw 79z z311 endure 173d et
-Loewen 77 48 ms 344n 4rb42 et
C Arlo 2135 ET - Click to enlarge
American Hereford Association Data & EPD's : CLICK HERE

  • The attention Arlo has received across multiple breeds has been remarkable.
  • One of three full sibs from a tremendous flush. The only full sister was our record selling female in our 2022 fall sale at $195,000. Both of the brothers are definite herd bull prospects and were in our 2023 Denver Champion Pen of Three. They combine the show ring look with performance and additional pigment. 1311 seems to never miss and has produced 1.2 million in progeny sales thus far. 2135 has great EPD and Index values being in the top 10% in nine economically important traits.
  • Congratulations and thank you to Buck Cattle Co. and Hoffman Ranch for their recent purchase of 3/4 interest in Arlo in our 43rd Annual Production Sale.

    Arlo has developed quite a following and felt it appropriate that he has a special name. Arlo Janssen was a special person to many and felt this was a way to honor and remember him. Although we don't think the bulls temperament quite the same as the original Arlo!